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When you come in, you are seated. It's been a while since I've had to wait for a seat. Drop off your stuff, hit the buffet for your meat and goodies, then BBQ them on your table. Go back for whatever meat you want. You do not have to put up with being given the meat the restaurant wants you to have. Missing something? Ask the waitresses who will bring it to you. They will also come by and cut your meat for you as it cooks.  - Annie L
Food here is soooo good. Eat as much as you like. But I was here for a few times but this time they took forever to change my grill because it was too burnt. But 4 stars for the good food. - Cherry L.
5th time coming always have a great experience !! :)... came for my step daughter's bday surprise and the ladies were the best!!! I love they're meats and they're delicious sides !!! Wow they're  amazing here!!!! - Marie C.
I WILL be back because the assortment of meats is awesome, - Alex T